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Dr. Chamberlin is a professor of medicine living in Portland Oregon. He has written four survival medicine books and blogs on a number of subjects including emergency preparedness, Wilderness Medicine and First Aid kit building.

The Prepper Pages Survival Medicine Guide is unique medical book for preppers in many ways. First, it details ways you can scavenge what you’ll need for a medical kit – if you find yourself separated from your supplies and without one. Or if you’re putting together a kit, the book shows you the most useful items to have – and how to use them in the field.Dr. Chamberlin – Author of Our Survival Medicine Book: The Prepper Pages Volumes 1-4

How do you teach preppers to become medics? How do you guide them to where they feel comfortable dealing with medical emergencies?

These are questions Dr. Chamberlin has been asking himself since the late 90s. They’re important because in an apocalypse – you are the doctor! You’ll be alone or in a small group and have no one to turn for help. Healthcare professionals will have either been killed or drafted by the military, and you’ll be on your own! So what do you do?

After two decades of considering the problem, it partially seemed to solve itself. The internet made resources available not previously imagined. Training videos and discussion groups sprung up everywhere. But still missing were well-written guides stuffed with usable information. Survival medicine books that could be digested in one or two sittings and stuck to the formula called “this is what you do.” Preppers don’t want to sit through a physiology class. They want high-yield practical information easy to get through. They’re busy. They have other preps to get to!

One day Dr. Chamberlin wrote that “this is what you do” book. It’s called The Prepper Pages: A Surgeon’s Guide to Scavenging Items for a Medical Kit, and Putting Them to Use While Bugging Out.

In it Dr. Chamberlin details the ways preppers can scavenge what they need for a medical kit – if they find themselves without one. Or if a person is putting together a kit, he discusses the most useful items to have and how to use them in the field. “Creatively locating and acquiring” antibiotics and other medicines in disasters is reviewed in depth. So are suturing, splinting, and treating most illnesses you can expect to see.

To support learning he has created instructional videos and posted them to his blog and to The Prepper Pages channel on YouTube. If you’d like more information, or you’d like to contact Dr. Chamberlin, visit him at ThePrepperPages.com.


“Buy this!” 5 Stars –
I’m halfway through and have learned a ton already. Well, WELL, worth purchasing. The grammar/spelling at times isn’t great but the info is superb. I sent one to my brother and now picked up one for myself. This is a must add to any prep shelf–go through it with paper and pen beside you, as you will be changing up your emergency med kit big time. Wish I had had this book years ago, it isn’t easy finding real information for ‘can’t get to doctor’ times.
September 14, 2014 – Marla A. Sharp

“Literally the best prepper medical guide I have found yet! Well done! No nonsense and no beating around the bush  I feel as if I have learned something.” –Steven Trumbo (Emmaus, PA)

“Full of truly useful information on where to get and, even better, how to use items in your emergency medical kit. This is one book that is definitely a must have!” – Shar

 About Our Survival Medicine Guide: The Prepper Pages

Do you know what to do if you’re separated from your supplies or medical kit? The Prepper Pages is a survival medicine handbook that teaches you how to scavenge what you’ll need to deal with emergencies in the field. In fact, we teach medical skills and techniques that aren’t available elsewhere. Here are some of our reviews:

A review of our survival medicine book:

5 Stars – Informative and Easy to Understand

“Simple lists and steps for prepping your medical kits. We live 45 minutes from the nearest hospital and the only road in and out gets wiped out during really bad weather. I’ve been slowly building medical kits for the house and the car and wish that I had bought this first.” – JM Stripling (Florida)

  • Written by a Trauma Surgeon, The Prepper Pages is the best survival medicine book teaching the most practical and effective treatments for injuries and illnesses encountered during disasters and social collapse.
  • It is not a book about how to stabilize injuries until help arrives. It’s a book about how to treat conditions definitively, assuming that help will never arrive.

5 Stars – Wow!

 “Very informative while still keeping the verbiage easily understandable. Hopefully I never need to use the information I learned, but I feel much less nervous and definitely more comfortable in the event the need should arise. Thank you very much Dr.” – Chris Walker

  • Even the most prepared can find themselves away from their supplies.  But preppers are proactive by nature, and this guide will teach you high-yield tricks and treatments, giving you confidence and medical independence in the field.
  • If you want to learn how to buy the best medical supplies without suffering the side-effects of bankruptcy; gain greater understanding in treating wounds illnesses, and broken bones – The Prepper Pages is written for you!

5 Stars – Delivers All It Promises

“Realistic, practical, and easy to read. Chamberlin approaches a difficult subject with solid advice and a subtle sense of humor. Born of his experiences following Hurricane Katrina, the book trains you what to look for and what to do when medical help is not available and not likely to be available anytime soon, if ever. Scavenging tools and supplies beyond the obvious can help you and your loved ones survive. He includes what to put in your medical bag, but addresses your options when you are in a bad situation and your bug-out bag is not available. Detailed and illustrated medical techniques for treating injuries and illnesses likely to be encountered in a SHTF scenario. So impressive that I plan to buy a print version to have on hand.” – rgon

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