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Who are we?  We’re a collection of medical educators and clinicians preparing you for the inevitable.  Representing diverse fields from conventional, integrative, and Chinese Medicine; we’ve come together for one purpose – teaching you the medical skills necessary for survival. We’re going to share with you the best of what we’ve learned in our professional lives.  We’re going to show you how to save yourself, and how to save others. We are ThePrepperPages.com – and we are here for you!

“Literally the best prepper medical guide I have found yet! Well done! No nonsense and no beating around the bush . I feel as if I have learned something.” – Steven Trumbo (Emmaus, PA)

  • Written by a Trauma Surgeon, The Prepper Pages is the best survival medicine book teaching the most practical and effective treatments for injuries and illnesses encountered during disasters and social collapse.
  • It is not a book about how to stabilize injuries until help arrives. It’s a book about how to treat conditions definitively, assuming that help will never arrive.

“Full of truly useful information on where to get and, even better, how to use items in your emergency medical kit. This is one book that is definitely a must have!” – Shar

  • Even the most prepared can find themselves away from their supplies.  But preppers are proactive by nature, and this guide will teach you high-yield tricks and treatments, giving you confidence and medical independence in the field.
  • If you want to learn how to buy the best medical supplies without suffering the side-effects of bankruptcy; gain greater understanding in treating wounds illnesses, and broken bones – The Prepper Pages is written for you!

Delivers All It Promises “Realistic, practical, and easy to read. Chamberlin approaches a difficult subject with solid advice and a subtle sense of humor. Born of his experiences following Hurricane Katrina, the book trains you what to look for and what to do when medical help is not available and not likely to be available anytime soon, if ever. Scavenging tools and supplies beyond the obvious can help you and your loved ones survive. He includes what to put in your medical bag, but addresses your options when you are in a bad situation and your bug-out bag is not available. Detailed and illustrated medical techniques for treating injuries and illnesses likely to be encountered in a SHTF scenario. So impressive that I plan to buy a print version to have on hand.” – rgon

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