Celox & Quickclot – New Ways Preppers are Treating Bleeding

Hemostatic Agents

Major bleeding is urgent problem needing our attention. It’s not something that can wait. Fortunately, powdered hemostatics and improvements in military pressure dressings have made this much easier. The following should be in every prepper’s med kit:

Powdered Hemostatics

#1 & #2  – Celox & Quickclot  

Two easy to use and effective products are Celox and Quickclot 25. Both are used to control bleeding.  Both run about $25 a package. You simply empty the contents into a bleeding wound and apply a pressure dressing.  They won’t work for complex wounds, like those involving organs, and they aren’t supposed to be used for penetrating wounds to the chest or abdomen, but for those involving extremities it’s an easy way to stop heaving bleeding quickly.

Antibiotic Properties

Both Celox and Quickclot have antibiotic properties, killing two birds with one stone.  You have to be careful with some of these products however, many are applied in the field for combat injuries, but then have to be irrigated out when the patient arrives in the operating room. Celox seems to be the most user friendly, and several sources indicate its removal from the wound is not absolutely necessary. Click Here or on Image for More Information

Quickclot and Celox Hemostatic Powders

 Celox Seems Easier to Apply. Here is a quick video about the process:

Here is another great video from Tac-Med, LLC.  It’s 10 minutes long, but worth every minute of watching!


Prepackaged Military Pressure Dressings 

#3 Israeli Bandage

After you’ve poured the powdered hemostatic into the wound, you’ll need to apply a pressure dressing. Israeli Bandages – a prepackaged field expedient dressing – is perfect for this. Also called “The Emergency Bandage,” it’s specially designed for stopping bleeding from wounds caused by traumatic injuries during combat. The device was first employed during the NATO peacekeeping operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Invented by Israeli military medic Bernard Bar-Natan, they were aptly nicknamed “Israeli bandages” by American soldiers.  With their value having been proven in the field, they’ve become the bandages of choice for the U.S. Army and special forces.

Easy to apply and relatively inexpensive Click Here or on Image for More Information:

Israeli bandage


Take Home Message:  Recent events in the news often remind us we must prepare for treating major bleeding. Luckily, it’s easier than ever before. Every prepper needs a powdered hemostatic like Celox or Quickclot, and a military grade pressure dressing like the Israeli Bandage in their med kit for the civil unrest and dark days ahead.

Survival Medicine Book

To learn more about powdered hemostatics like Celox and Quickclot click on the book image above.