Honing Your Prepper Intuition in Two Minutes

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e’re use to making decisions based on a combination of facts and personal experience. But in an apocalypse both are going to be in short supply, and at times you’ll be forced to rely on intuition alone.  In this post we’ll discuss how to sharpen your intuition and show you when to trust it.

Intuition vs. Gut Feelings

The words “intuition” and “gut feeling” are often used interchangeably, and is the reason why many people have become skeptical that either are useful. The key to making the system reliable and trustworthy is knowing the difference between the two.

intuitionEver notice how just after waking up in the morning and looking around, your inner voice starts jabbering away? Ever notice what it says is kind of mean? We all have that inner narrator, and in most of us it’s a bit of a bully. Neuroscientists have measured the rate it provides a critique of your life, 600-1000 words per minute. That’s a lot of negativity! This voice is not your intuition[contextly_sidebar id=”LZuqRAjW16Fwc5aBh36FQ4hXt7LzAVzr”].

Default Mode Network

No, this voice is not you. It’s a group of cells in your brain that have formed a interconnected web of neurons called the Default Mode Network. It’s the result of a mutation which occurred in our species about 75,000 years ago. The network specializes in sending “mean tweets” to you throughout the day. It begins by sending out several in the morning, and watching to see which ones stick. They’re the thoughts causing a physical reaction in your body, and give you a little shot of adrenalin based fear before your morning coffee.

First Thing in the Morning

For instance, as you’re sitting up in bed you hear the thought “I’m late for work.” You feel a shot of adrenalin and your stomach tightens. Quickly glancing at the clock, you see you aren’t late at all. But the damage has already been done. The mean tweeter has hit a nerve and he knows it. From this point on, he’ll be sending a variety of tweets based on the captivating theme he’s discovered. “You’re going to get fired.” Or “only lazy people get up late.” It can go on like this for hours, and is the reason your imagination gets the best of you at times. But for a prepper who has found themselves amidst a disaster, a runaway imagination is unacceptable. You’ll lose your confidence and your decision making will suffer.

Gut Feelings

This is the voice of a “gut feeling,” and is clearly distinct from that of an intuition. Gut feelings come in the form of words, and carry with them a sense of anxiety or dread. Often you will feel your stomach or chest tighten, and since we’ve all been taught to navigate through life based on fear, these moments are quite common – even in ordinary daily life. But they are not to be listened to.



Intuition is a different critter altogether. Rarely does it come to you in word form, and almost never does it have an emotion pinned to it – especially a bad emotion. Whereas a gut feeling will be happy to tell you all about it, an intuition will offer no explanation or supporting evidence when you question it. With a “take it or leave it” tone, it seems to come out of a place of silence and stillness, and be reluctant to repeat itself.  When these conditions are met, your likely experiencing the real thing. In the absence of cold hard facts or previous personal experience, it’s about all you have to go on.

Take Home Message:  Learning to tell the difference between intuition and gut feelings isn’t difficult. It takes some practice, but is a skill best learned before zombies start flooding into your backyard!  

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