Treating Dental Pain – Six Effective Tips for Preppers

Treating Dental Emergencies

Coping with Dental Pain, Broken Teeth, and Other Dental Emergencies

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A toothache is one of the most unbearable pains you’ll ever experience. When facing dental pain and other dental emergencies, don’t expect them to go away spontaneously. Ignoring it is the worst possible solution. The moment you feel the pain, you should make an appointment with your dentist, to find the cause and the solution for your problem. By dealing dental pain on time, whether the cause is ingrown wisdom teeth or cavities, you’ll avoid further complications and more expensive solutions. In the following text you’ll be introduced with possible problems and their solutions.

Dental Pain


#1 Avoid Aspirin When the Pain Starts

First thing we do, when faced with dental pain or a toothache, is to grab an aspirin and hope it will simply go away. Though it may relieve pain for a very short period of time, it will not contribute in any way to healing. There is a common myth that putting aspirin on aching spot will relief the dental pain immediately, but besides being untrue, this action may be harmful. It can cause greater damage to your mouth, because aspirin is basically an acid.


#2 Try Alternating Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen Every Two Hours

For instance, at noon you might take a dose of Advil (Ibuprofen) then at two o’clock a dose of Tylenol (Acetaminophen). At four o’clock repeat your dose of Advil and so on. Additional tips include using floss to gently remove extra food that might be stuck in between your teeth. Another trick helpful for soothing the pain is to swish your mouth with salty water.


#3 Put Your Knocked Out Tooth In Milk 

Steps to Take if a Tooth is Damaged or Broken and a Dentist is Available:

Dental pain from damaging or breaking a tooth in some kind of an accident usually represents a cause to panic, but this is not always with justification. If this happens to you, rinse mouth with water, in order to be clean of any leftover tooth pieces. The most important is to sterilize your wound and get to your dentist as soon as possible. When it comes to knocked out tooth, there is no reason to say goodbye to it. In a recent conversation with a respected Sydney-based orthodontist, I learned that you can save the dislodged tooth by putting it into milk or salty water and by doing you’re giving your tooth an hour of life, which should be enough time to get to the nearest dentist office.

Treating Dental Emergencies


#4 Take Infections Seriously

If you notice a painful and not so good looking pimple in your mouth you’re probably having an infection, which you shouldn’t take lightly. The most common infection causing dental pain is the abscess, which attacks tissue that surrounds your teeth. When experiencing this kind of problem, take it as seriously as you can, and head to your dentist right away. This is not a thing to joke about, because the longer you wait, the more serious the problem will get, and in the end it can spread on other parts of your body.


#5 Antibiotics Specific to Preppers

(Editor’s note: Regarding dental pain, if medical or dental care is not available – like during a catastrophe – and you want to start antibiotics for the infection, Clindamycin and a Penicillin like Augmentin are good choices for oral abscesses. [Which would roughly be Fish Zole and Fish Mox Forte – if you’re using fish antibiotic equivalents]).

Click on the image below to learn more about using fish antibiotics for dental pain: 

fish antibiotics


#6 Think Ahead

The best cure for dental pain and other oral issues is prevention. Take good care of your teeth, brushing your teeth regularly and properly, and you’ll probably avoid most of the possible problems. You should brush at least twice a day, and floss the same number of times. The choice of toothpaste is crucial, so make sure to use fluoride toothpaste in order to protect your teeth from cavity. Change your toothbrush at least four times a year, and make sure that it’s always clean after you finish brushing your teeth.

Dental care

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Smiling and laughter are great for overall health, and people with healthy teeth tend to practice them more often. Not only because of the aesthetics, healthy teeth are important for your well being. It’s not easy to face dental pain caused by a damaged tooth, or one riddled with cavities, so do your best to avoid it in the future. When experiencing any dental emergency or issue, visit your dentist as soon as possible.


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