Top Three Reasons Every Prepper Needs a Cautery Pen!

Battery powered cautery pens are handy $10 to $20 devices that you should consider getting for your medical kit. The most inexpensive places to find these are fishing and sporting goods stores. Where apparently they’re used for fly tying and other hobbies. The closest thing a prepper has to Captain Kirk’s phaser, many people don’t know about their many potential medical uses. In this post we’ll discuss three, though there are certainly more.

Cautery pen for black toenail

#1 For Draining The Blood That Collects Under The Nail In Runners Toe

runners toe

runners toe

#2 For Starting a Fire With Your Med Kit Without Matches

#3 A Cautery Pen Can Help Stop Minor Bleeding Quickly!

For further information about runners toe, please see our chapter in The Prepper Pages book.

Click the image below to purchase a cautery pen online that I recommend for preppers and survivalists.
High Temp Cautery Pen

2nd Book


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