Five Places for Hiding Medications After a Disaster

Medication Hiding Spots

Medical Prepping & DIY Tips Courtesy of When one talks disaster prepping, conversation tends to circulate around the topic of storage. Storage of food, water, guns and even electrical power but storing and hiding medications that so many depend on daily doesn’t garner nearly as much discussion. First aid kits – and how to stock them – does enjoy a […]

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Making Battery Powered Tools Work When Everything Fails


Recharging Battery Powered Tools and Medical Devices Several hurricanes and brutal storms have demolished American shores in recent years. Each of the disasters followed by exhaustively long power outages; many extending across multiple counties and states. With this in mind, it’s hard to rely solely on electric power, particularly when it comes to the tools and medical devices in your […]

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Improvised Personal Security Products for Preppers

Security Lights

Modifying Outdoor Security Lights for Indoor Protection Here’s a security idea I’d like to share with my fellow Preppers. I purchased a Solar Powered Motion Detector LED Floodlight not long ago, with the initial intent to use it as a personal security feature around my home, especially for if and when the power is ever compromised. If you use one for this purpose […]

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