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Is Fever the Best Antibiotic for a Prepper’s Medical Kit?

Treating Fever

Fever is Natures Oldest Antibiotic I have seen the strangest protocols used in hospitals. One involving medical or health care workers removing the blankets of patents with fever comes to mind. This is ridiculous. Fever is your friend – until it gets to high. It’s natures built-in antibiotic, and the only one likely to be widely available in a global disaster. In […]

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Five Places for Hiding Medications After a Disaster

Medication Hiding Spots

Medical Prepping & DIY Tips Courtesy of USPreppers.com When one talks disaster prepping, conversation tends to circulate around the topic of storage. Storage of food, water, guns and even electrical power but storing and hiding medications that so many depend on daily doesn’t garner nearly as much discussion. First aid kits – and how to stock them – does enjoy a […]

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Without an Operation Will a Prepper Survive Appendicitis?

abdominal pain

Without an Operation, will you Survive?  It’s an important question for preppers.  They know surgeons are going to be hard to find during prolonged disasters.  So can a person survive appendicitis without an operation? The problem treating appendicitis confronted a lone surgeon stationed at a remote outpost in the South Pole years ago.  He’d come down with the disease and […]

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