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Is Fever the Best Antibiotic for a Prepper’s Medical Kit?

Treating Fever

Fever is Natures Oldest Antibiotic I have seen the strangest protocols used in hospitals. One involving medical or health care workers removing the blankets of patents with fever comes to mind. This is ridiculous. Fever is your friend – until it gets to high. It’s natures built-in antibiotic, and the only one likely to be widely available in a global disaster. In […]

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Does Your Neighbor Have Ebola? How to Tell with a Drone!

How to tell if someone has Ebola

Using a Drone to Check for Ebola? Really… You Should Use a Drone! Telling if your neighbor has Ebola is easier than you’d think!  In this post we’ll show you what to look for (from a distance preferably) and how to confirm it by getting closer – if the suspense is killing you!  (Don’t let the suspense kill you! – […]

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