Treating Knee & Foot Pain With These Simple Footwear Tweaks

best footwear for knee pain

Sometimes you have to move. Sometimes there’s just no choice. But this isn’t possible with throbbing feet and aching knees. As a prepper you’ll want to know how to treat these conditions. Because statistically speaking, they’re going to happen to at least one person in your group.

The good news is it’s easy! The bad news is that if a prepper doesn’t know how to do this, then their knee pain may never resolve – no matter what they do.

Treating Knee Pain Caused by Your Shoes

Knee pain often begins in the feet, so abnormalities there must be corrected first. We all are born with a bony arch in our foot, one that normally acts as a shock absorber. During mid-stride we balance directly over one foot while our other swings forward. Typically the arch collapses a little under our weight. This “bounciness” prevents the knee from rotating inward or outward and torquing on the ligaments holding it together. It’s not difficult to imagine then, that if the arch of a foot either collapses too much or not enough, those torsional forces will be transferred to the knee with every step.

Treating Foot and Knee Pain

Overpronation and Flat Feet

If your arch collapses too easily, or if your foot is already flat, then your foot will abnormally roll inward. This condition is called over-pronation. And when it occurs the knee must rotate in the opposite direction to compensate – otherwise your leg would not remain straight. But you take thousands of steps every day. If each one is torqueing on the ligaments and tendons of your knee, it won’t be long before pain sets in.

As you’re reading this, take off one of your shoes and look at the sole. If the inside edge is worn down more than the outside edge – you over-pronate!

Diagnosing Flat Feet

Likewise, if your arch is too high and doesn’t collapse when you walk, excessive forces will be transferred to the outside portion of your foot and knee resulting in pain. Look at your sole again. Is the outside edge more heavily worn than the inside edge? If it is, then your foot isn’t absorbing the shock it should be.

Orthotics for Foot Pain

To see if a person suffering from knee pain has either of these conditions, or to see if their foot is normal, perform the “wet test” described above. If the person’s foot turns out to be flat, you can easily fix it by inserting hard plastic arch supports into their shoes. If their arch doesn’t collapse at all, then they need very spongy shoes to absorb the shock of walking. Choosing or modifying the best footwear for painful feet and knees is that simple. It takes only a few minutes, and can make all the difference between whether or not a person makes it to their bug-out-location.

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