Can Preppers Catch Hepatitis THROUGH Their Protective Gloves?

surgical gloves

Preppers have several types of protective gloves to choose from, but some are deceptively dangerous. In this post we’ll discuss those which protect you, and those you must avoid. Problems With Some Protective Gloves Think back to the last people you saw working the drive-thru window at McBurger Barn, or tending the cash register at the neighborhood C-store.  Try to […]

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Treating Runner’s Toe and Staying Alive in 90 Seconds

Throughout the great sword schools of Japan run one common theme:  in combat the first swordsman to stop moving dies. The point being that continual motion is necessary for survival, and hesitation will get you killed. The principle applies equally to preppers. In this post we’ll be discussing the treatment of a disabling injury called runner’s toe. It’s a painful condition […]

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Treating Broken Bones in Preppers – SAM Splint Techniques


Broken bones and apocalyptic destruction are as inseparable as preppers and bug-out-bags. So in this, our second post on fracture care (click here to review our first), we’ll be showing you everything you need to know about treating broken bones when medical help is not available. Treating Non-Union Fractures When a bone has been broken and its ends are still […]

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Inflicting & Treating Collarbone Fractures for Preppers

collarbone fractures

In this, the first of two posts on fracture care, we’ll discuss treating collarbone fractures when medical help is not available.  And yes… we’ll also show you how to break them!     Collarbone Fractures & The First Orthopedists As legend goes, Feudal Japan went through several periods of down time, small breaks in what was otherwise 2000 years of […]

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Can Urinary Tract Infections Kill? Natural Cures for Preppers

urinary tract infection

In this post we’ll be talking about diagnosing and treating urinary tract infections (UTIs) and the natural cures (along with the conventional medicines) to add to your preps. Urinary Tract Infections Mostly Affect Women Men rarely get bladder infections (urinary tract infections), so many of us don’t appreciate how incapacitating they can be.  Cleanliness can be a nightmare proposition during […]

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Taking Desperate Measures for Treating Severe Depression in Preppers


In this post we’ll discuss how to tell if a person is suffering from clinical depression, or if they’re just sad. Then we’ll review some controversial treatments you need to know about. These are desperate measures for when the reality of the world’s end sinks in. Not only does depression impair your ability to function, but it also effects those […]

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Does Your Neighbor Have Ebola? How to Tell with a Drone!

How to tell if someone has Ebola

Using a Drone to Check for Ebola? Really… You Should Use a Drone! Telling if your neighbor has Ebola is easier than you’d think!  In this post we’ll show you what to look for (from a distance preferably) and how to confirm it by getting closer – if the suspense is killing you!  (Don’t let the suspense kill you! – […]

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How and Why the Good Die Young from Emotional Stress

emotional stress

How can emotional stress cause chronic illness in Preppers? People have been dancing around this issue for decades, but recent evidence confirms the relationship between good people and bad diseases. So clear is the causal relationship, that a mechanism describing how it works was recently presented at the Science And Non Duality (SAND) conference by Gabor Mate MD. Emotional Stress and Death […]

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Clean Water: Is Bleach or Betadine Better for Disinfection?


Disinfecting water safely can be tricky, but not knowing how to is fatal. In this post we’ll discuss there methods – boiling, Betadine, & bleach for making clean water safely. Three Ways of Disinfecting Water #1 Boiling Water Boiling is the easiest and most time tested technique. But it doesn’t destroy botulism. And botulism can suck! But boiling is often […]

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Personal Protective Equipment for Preppers in Ebola Pandemics

Ebola masks

Will you know what to do if Ebola gets loose here? What if we have a major outbreak, or even an all-out epidemic? Do you know how to take care of a sick family member at home? You might have to if the healthcare system fails. Within a month our hospitals might become overwhelmed and collapse, then we’ll be on […]

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Treating Cyanide Poisoning in Preppers: Apocalyptic Smoke

Apocalyptic smoke isn’t what it used to be. Nowadays when your house catches fire, it could be cyanide poisoning and not the fire that kills you! Let me explain: We all know you can get carbon monoxide poisoning from burning buildings.  But cyanide poisoning?  How? That was a mystery not solved until recently.  Heck, it wasn’t even known about until the […]

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Controlling Fear in Preppers by Eliminating Negative Self-Talk


Fear has always been a problem for the military, and until recently they weren’t quite sure what to do about it.  But within the last decade the navy commissioned studies and implemented programs on how to deal with fear. Fear &The Navy Program They’ve decreased their washout rate in the SEAL program by 8% – impressive when you consider it […]

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Top Three Reasons Every Prepper Needs a Cautery Pen!

Battery powered cautery pens are handy $10 to $20 devices that you should consider getting for your medical kit. The most inexpensive places to find these are fishing and sporting goods stores. Where apparently they’re used for fly tying and other hobbies. The closest thing a prepper has to Captain Kirk’s phaser, many people don’t know about their many potential […]

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Preventing and Treating Snow Blindness With Duct Tape?

snow blindness

Duct tape has endless uses, one of which is the prevention of a particular type of blindness… snow blindness.  It’s much like a sunburn of the eye.  Usually not noticed until several hours afterword, it occurs from exposure to sunlight that’s been reflected off ice, snow, or less commonly sand and sea.  Fresh snow reflects about 80% of the sun’s […]

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Cattle Mutilations: What Preppers Might Want to Know!


[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]es… this investigation was by request.  And it’s way out there.  But because of our sincere respect for the American Farmer and Rancher, we took the investigation.  Loosing cattle is a financial nightmare for a family farm.  And for many, kids stomping down wheat to make crop circles is no longer amusing – it’s expensive. Our post is tongue and cheek, but […]

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Learn to Repair Lacerations with this Easy Suturing Technique!


Commonly known as “putting in stitches,” repairing wounds by suturing them back together is not complicated. And if you choose to use a straight needle – it’s even simpler. In this post we’ll show you how to repair lacerations the simple and easy way. Best of all, our technique requires almost no equipment and takes only minutes to learn and […]

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Treating Knee and Foot Pain from Heavy INCH Bags on the Move

bug out bag

It’s true that preppers aren’t getting back pain from their packs like they used to. Improved designs have seen to that. But they are getting more and more hip, knee and foot pain.  The good news is that you can treat these conditions quickly, helping to ensure you and your group make it all the way to your bug-out-location in […]

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Treating Foot Blisters & Staying Mobile: There’s Duct Tape!


Antelope everywhere agree – you never want to be the slowest animal in the herd! It never ends well. Never. Foot blisters can quickly turn a prepper into a pokey antelope. And none of us want that! Blisters are a very common when people are forced to travel long distances on foot. This is a situation preppers are likely familiar […]

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Treating Knee & Foot Pain With These Simple Footwear Tweaks

best footwear for knee pain

Sometimes you have to move. Sometimes there’s just no choice. But this isn’t possible with throbbing feet and aching knees. As a prepper you’ll want to know how to treat these conditions. Because statistically speaking, they’re going to happen to at least one person in your group. The good news is it’s easy! The bad news is that if a […]

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