Without an Operation Will a Prepper Survive Appendicitis?

abdominal pain

Without an Operation, will you Survive?  It’s an important question for preppers.  They know surgeons are going to be hard to find during prolonged disasters.  So can a person survive appendicitis without an operation? The problem treating appendicitis confronted a lone surgeon stationed at a remote outpost in the South Pole years ago.  He’d come down with the disease and […]

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Top Five Reasons Scombroid Fish Poisoning Will Kill the Unprepared


It’s an illness with potentially lethal consequences – so preppers need to see it coming. Scombroid Fish Poisoning occurs when a fresh catch isn’t kept below 68 degrees Fahrenheit, often due to a lack of ice. Here are five reasons you can bank on it becoming a whale of a problem: #1 Scombroid Fish are Common  The Scombridae family of fish includes […]

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Making Battery Powered Tools Work When Everything Fails


Recharging Battery Powered Tools and Medical Devices Several hurricanes and brutal storms have demolished American shores in recent years. Each of the disasters followed by exhaustively long power outages; many extending across multiple counties and states. With this in mind, it’s hard to rely solely on electric power, particularly when it comes to the tools and medical devices in your […]

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Two Reasons Palcohol is a Brand New Tool for Preppers

Powdered Alcohol

Palcohol for Water Disinfection? Palcohol might be the dumbest use of advanced chemistry seen this century. And it’s sure to open up a brand new avenue on which kids can drive straight into trouble. But Palcohol, as it’s less than cleverly been named, may offer Preppers an advantage over the liquid form. You see, in a way, it might be […]

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Improvised Personal Security Products for Preppers

Security Lights

Modifying Outdoor Security Lights for Indoor Protection Here’s a security idea I’d like to share with my fellow Preppers. I purchased a Solar Powered Motion Detector LED Floodlight not long ago, with the initial intent to use it as a personal security feature around my home, especially for if and when the power is ever compromised. If you use one for this purpose […]

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Celox & Quickclot – New Ways Preppers are Treating Bleeding

Hemostatic Agents

Major bleeding is urgent problem needing our attention. It’s not something that can wait. Fortunately, powdered hemostatics and improvements in military pressure dressings have made this much easier. The following should be in every prepper’s med kit: Powdered Hemostatics #1 & #2  – Celox & Quickclot   Two easy to use and effective products are Celox and Quickclot 25. Both are […]

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Treating a Wound but Super Glue Won’t Work? Use a Skin Stapler!

surgical staplers

Skin Staplers Offer a Quick and Easy Alternative to Sutures & Superglue Our superglue instead of stitches post showed you when and when you can’t repair a cut with super glue. For instance, at times glue might get inside the wound and prohibit it from healing. In others, the edges of the laceration might have too much tension on them […]

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When Can You Skip Sutures and Close a Wound with Superglue?

superglue vs. sutures

What made doctors think they could throw out their sutures, and just superglue wounds back together? In this post we’ll see it was an accidental consequence of WWII. While rarely does something useful emerge from war, in the case of super glue… it did. Our story begins with those airborne cowboys of WWII. You know the ones. Barely out of high school and […]

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Treating E. coli Symptoms in Preppers – Dos and Don’ts

E. coli

It’s going to be that time of year again soon; one that seems a frequent multistate event nowadays. Known as an E. coli outbreak, the season will begin with Heath Department issuing the obligatory boil notices, while it races to identify the offending cucumber, clover sprout, or cow that started it all. Of course this is nothing compared with what […]

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15 Minute Easy-to-Use Test for Ebola Cleared by WHO

Ebola Test

The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved the first rapid test for Ebola virus disease today.  “The ReEBOV Antigen Rapid Test Kit (Corgenix Medical Corp) was evaluated under the WHO’s Emergency Assessment and Use, a procedure established to provide minimum quality, safety, and performance assurance for diagnostic products in the context of the Ebola emergency, the WHO explains in a news […]

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Why Some Preppers are Saying “No” to NSAIDs Like Advil

chronic pain

Injuries are an unavoidable part of life. And in survival situations they’re guaranteed to increase in both frequency and severity. But if preppers aren’t careful, their injuries will never heal – and they’ll suffer from severe pain for the rest of their lives. In this post we’ll reveal some astonishing facts about NSAIDs. We’ll show you how and why more […]

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Three Ways of Treating Altitude Sickness in Preppers


Acute Mountain Illness – What Preppers Need to Know & Stock in their Medical Kit Unexpectedly, and sometimes against your wishes, you’ll find yourself being pushed back into mountainous areas.  And while these high peaks may not be part of your bug-out-plans, it’s important to know how to deal with acute mountain or altitude sickness in case you find yourself […]

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Using Your Stethoscope & Medical Devices for Treating Asthma

Allergic Reactions

In this post of our series on how to use your medical devices, we’ll show you how to diagnose and treat Asthma, toxic inhalations, and allergic reactions that can close down a prepper’s airways and cause them to stop breathing. Lining the airways are small hair like structures called cilia.  These microscopic heroes of the war on germs, are continually […]

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Treating Bronchitis & Pneumonia in Preppers: Medical Devices


How to Use a Stethoscope, Pulse Oximeter and other Medical Devices In this post we’re going to show you how to use your stethoscope, pulse oximeter, peak flow meter and teach you exam techniques so you can diagnose and treat Bronchitis, pneumonia and several other lung conditions that are serious business for preppers. After all, other than trauma, lower respiratory […]

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5 Must Have Medical Devices for Medical Preppers

pulse oximeter

Breathing problems and trauma initially kill the most people in a cataclysm. In a previous post on post-apocalyptic smoke, we discussed how calamities fill the air with thick and inescapable particulate matter; choking out those trying to escape. This predisposes preppers to pulmonary infections and toxic poisonings of every sort. But with less than $150, you can fortify your first […]

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What Preppers Need to Know About Gunshot Wounds in 3 Minutes

gunshot wounds

Gunshot Wounds are easier to understand than you’d think! In this post we’ll show preppers how to quickly gauge the tissue damage handguns, rifles, and shotguns are likely to produce. These broad generalizations might help some select firearms for personal use, but are presented here to help estimate the amount of tissue destruction to expect when someone in your group […]

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Treating Avoiding & Recognizing Poison Ivy & Plants from Hell

POIS Syndrome

As a prepper, you’re likely familiar with ways of recognizing poison ivy and the horrors of being exposed to it.  And you can probably avoid it most of the time.  But in the darkness of night, accidentally brushing against a plant while out on patrol, or worse, when using the “facilities” – is not uncommon. If you know you’ve been exposed, […]

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