Best of Survival Medicine Guides 1-4

The Best of Survival Medicine Book Series

If you’ve purchased one of our survival medicine books, and are looking for the images and videos that support it, please see the dedicated book image page in the drop down list for that guide. This page is simply a quick overview of our two newest releases.

Our Two Newest Medical Prepping Books

Our definitive Manual, Mini Med School for Preppers is All Three of Our Books Merged into One Easy Read. When you buy the print edition, you’ll get the ebook version free!

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How to Treat Life-Threatening Conditions Preppers Get:

Our Follow Up to The Prepper Pages is now Available on Amazon!

Like our first, it’s a guide dealing with unique injuries and illnesses confronting preppers. With it you’ll learn more about survival medicine, and feel more comfortable handling emergencies than ever before. It’s a confidence builder, and we guarantee it to be one of the most valuable resources in your bookshelf!

2nd Book

We wanted to know as completely possible, what preppers would be up against in the inevitable times ahead. So we did something unusual. We asked!

By studying medical records and conducting interviews of those who survived the Battle of Britain, we learned an enormous amount. Their experiences showed us what to expect when our world goes sideways.

Compiling a list of the injuries and diseases they suffered, we wrote a book with a single purpose:  to teach you the most effective ways of dealing with the misery they survived. Using modern equipment and practical treatments, we’ll show you how to diagnose and treat life-threatening illness ranging from pneumonia to concussion blasts. We know you’ll find it time well spent!

In-text links connect you to videos and enlarged images in the order they appear in the book.

Last winter over 8,000 people downloaded The Prepper Pages during our weekend kindle giveaway promotion. This time we will be sending some complete sample copies in PDF to those prepper medic enthusiasts interested in reviewing our upcoming release. Simply leave your information in the contact us section, and we will keep you up to date with our progress and plans. Until then – work together and stay safe!

A few of the conditions we’ll be showing you how to treat: