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Glycosaminoglycans Cartilage

What is Dehydrated Bone Broth?

Dehydrated bone broth is a well-overcooked, unsalted, bone broth that has been concentrated and dried to the point of becoming a powder. It’s usually stored in airtight glass jars in a cool dry place and if properly prepared, is shelf stable – great for times when you don’t feel like cooking up a full broth, or for emergency situations.

Dehydrated Bone Broth

Dehydrated Bone Broth

Dehydrated bone broth is a great way to utilize the picked over bones after you’ve consumed all the meat. It’s a way to capture nutrients that would otherwise go wasted – minerals that are good for maintaining and repairing healthy bones and teeth, restoring vitality to hair, nails, and skin, and healing your joins and gut.

It can be added to soups, stews, and other sauces and dishes quickly and easily – allowing you to sneak tons of extra nutrients and minerals into other prepared foods. It can also be made well in advance and stored – with a shelf life of a year or more if done right.

It’s great for off-season cooking, or reconstituting in hot water and drinking, to boost overall health throughout the year.

Many of foods we eat, like rice, grains, and sugars, are wreaking havoc on our bodies. Bone broth can help repair a lot of the damage done by consuming these other foods – providing essential building blocks like gelatin, glycine, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, collagens, glycosaminoglycans, and more.

Glycosaminoglycans Cartilage

Glycosaminoglycans & Healthy Cartilage

Visit this recipe for more details on how to make your own dehydrated bone broth. The recipe calls for a food dehydrator and high-powered blender, but alternatives (like using a food procession for the final grinding stage) – will work in a pinch – it may just take longer for your dehydrated broth to dissolve or re-hydrate later.
What is bone broth good for?

After you’ve planned your calories to weight for packing in your bug-out bag for the short term, you can start thinking about ways to plan to live well in case of a long-term survival subsistence livelihood situation. This includes making the most of every animal you kill, and all the bits you can possibly palatably eat – including, especially, the bones.

Bone broth keeps joints healthy because it’s loaded with glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). You may have heard of one of them – glucosamine. Glucosamine supplements have been proven to increase join health in and of themselves, but when you consider that real bone broth has more than just that one isolated compound, the benefits multiply.

The gelatin in bone broth heals your gut and can help prevent auto immune diseases before they start.
It can also help prevent leaky gut syndrome that leads to food sensitivities as well. Also, if you have a good amount of gelatin in the diet your need for quality (read: expensive or hard-to-get) meat proteins can be decreased by up to 50%.

The amino acid glycine also assist the liver in detoxing the body – as good as or better than many of the other so-called “detox programs” out there. Studies have shown that the concentrated glycine in bone broth can also help you sleep better and improve memory.

Bone Broth

Planning for healing concentrated nutrition is a must when prepping for a SHTF situation. Bone broth helps support a healthy immune system – essential for any day, not just extreme situations! If you can boil water you can make this nutritious and healthy bone broth whenever needed.

Additionally, it can be eaten as dry powder “supplement” or left as a kind of crunchy jerky, if needed. Add “making dehydrated bone broth” to your prepping checklist to keep you and your family healthy, strong, and prepared for any situation.

Our deep thanks to James Smith for this guest post!

About the author: James Smith is a survivalist, who loves to write about survival skills and techniques. Currently, he is working for Teotwawki Supplies, offering a complete range of survival and emergency kits. Follow him on twitter @jamessmith1609.

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