Making Battery Powered Tools Work When Everything Fails


Recharging Battery Powered Tools and Medical Devices

Several hurricanes and brutal storms have demolished American shores in recent years. Each of the disasters followed by exhaustively long power outages; many extending across multiple counties and states.

With this in mind, it’s hard to rely solely on electric power, particularly when it comes to the tools and medical devices in your home or BOL. Luckily, it’s easy to get by with relatively inexpensive and long lasting battery powered tools.

Battery Powered Tools


Imagine a World Without Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries and the tools they power can become life-savers in grid down situations. Largely due to the invention of the lithium-ion battery, they’ve evolved nearly to the same level of performance as their plug-in ancestors.

Not all Rechargeable Batteries are the Same

Most modern battery powered tools come with either nickel-cadmium or lithium-ion batteries. A fully charged 18V NiCd battery is able to work for 15 to 20 minutes continuously without stopping. But Lithium-ion batteries are much stronger and lighter, and are able to hold a charge for up to 500 days without use. Moreover, they can be recharged in less than an hour. Battery powered tools are also easy to carry, since you don’t need to stretch power cables across a room or lug extension cords around.

Battery Powered Tools


Cordless Tools Are Necessary Bug-in Equipment!

In case of some unpredictable scenarios when regular electricity is not available it is advisable to have several cordless tools in your shelter. The most popular cordless tool and the one that is going to be the most useful in emergency situations is the cordless drill.

Cordless screw gun can also come handy, but it is hard to know exactly which tools you’re going to need in situations like these. Your best bet would be to buy some of the cordless tools combo kits. These kits come with wide variety of different tools that can help you significantly in the time of need

Batteries Save Lives… I Mean Literately!

Tools aren’t the only things that come cordless and handy these days. Battery industry is on of the most advanced and futuristic in today’s world. More and more tools are becoming portable by the day, including various medical equipment, which can come very handy in situation of emergency.

The list of these medical devices is very long and it contains everything from simple glucose monitors to defibrillators, ultrasounds and pulse oximeters. These devices can be recharged with various docking stations, multi-bay chargers, smart battery chargers and other power supply configurations. With wireless charging becoming more popular everyday, some of these gadgets can be charged this way as well.

Medical Devices


Today it is possible to buy even some more complicated medical diagnostic equipment like Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzers that are completely portable and can be carried around in a small briefcase.

Of course there are much simpler medical tools that make life easier for the people who live with some chronic diseases. One of those is the portable electronic nebulizer that can work on rechargeable AA batteries. There’s also an oximeter that monitors oxygen saturation in person’s blood and it is also portable. It can be powered by AAA or lithium ion batteries that can be charged with simple USB adapters.

Another medical device you may have seen hanging on a restaurant wall is a defibrillator. There are a lot of different defibrillator models and the most popular ones are the Automated External Defibrillators a.k.a. the AED. These can come with disposable or rechargeable batteries based on lithium ion or lithium magnesium dioxide electrolytes.

Recharging Battery Powered Tools & Industrial Grade Batteries

Thing that also comes handy in the shelter during longer lasting catastrophe scenarios is the electric generator. It can be used for charging all above mentioned tools, as well as supplying your shelter with enough energy for cooking basic meals, recharging your phone, powering water heaters and lighting.

Solar Recharging of Batteries


Conventional and Creative Recharging Options

In addition to regular electric generators powered by gasoline, you can also choose to buy more Eco friendly generators that work on solar or wind power. There are also hand crank chargers that can be used for smaller batteries.  

Some other alternative ways of recharging smaller batteries are by plugging them to the car lighter socket. There are also people who claim soaking empty alkaline AAA batteries in lemon juice can recharge 85% of their capacity, but we haven’t checked that yet.

Batteries are among the most functional products ever made by humans, and the constant development of new technologies in this industry makes our lives easier. Most importantly, they give us an edge in our ability to overcome the inevitable hardships ahead.

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