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The Best Survival Medicine Links, Blogs, Sites, and Courses

Unsure where to turn for the most accurate high-yield information?  Below are links to our favorite free courses, the sites we feel have the best survival medicine lists, and to suppliers with inexpensive materials for your medical kit.  You’ll also find a links to our instructional videos and those we feel are the best of others.

Best Blogs and Links

Survival Crusader

SHTF Survival

Prepper Website

Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System


Wilderness Urban Survival

Medical Kits, Suture Kits, Suture Materials & Staplers, and Other Must Have Supplies


Borderland Supply

Supplier of Fish Antibiotics

American Preppers Network

Off Grid Survival

The Great Northern Prepper

Instinct Survivalist


Best Post-Apocalyptic Fiction Books  – The Dying Time


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