Treating Knee and Foot Pain from Heavy INCH Bags on the Move

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It’s true that preppers aren’t getting back pain from their packs like they used to. Improved designs have seen to that. But they are getting more and more hip, knee and foot pain.  The good news is that you can treat these conditions quickly, helping to ensure you and your group make it all the way to your bug-out-location in a timely manner.

Treating knee and foot pain

 Iliotibial Band Syndrome

If you’re a runner, iliotibial band syndrome is probably familiar to you. But it’s common in preppers also. With every step, carrying even a little extra weight can put stress on your lateral leg muscles. And since these muscles insert around the outside of your knee, the force pushing down from the weight can easily transfer to there and cause pain.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome


Placing a pillow between your knees when you sleep can help treat this problem. However, the prepper must also correct for any foot problems, or the condition will never resolve. You’ll want to check to see if the extra weight is also causing your foot arch to collapse.

knee and foot pain

If you use a heel lift to take the pressure off your Achilles tendon, start with a thin one. Just a little lift can be a big shock to the body. But it can also help you get to where you’re going, so you can formally address the problem with hard plastic orthotics later. You can use cardboard or rubber strips to make heel lifts while you’re still on the move if need be.

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In our next post on knee and foot pain we will discuss the foot wet test for determining if you have flat feet or over-pronation. Knowing this beforehand will help you prepare for legnty trek to your bug-out-location if circumstances dictate.

To learn more about treating back, knee and foot pain from heavy backpacks or INCH bags, click on the book image above.

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