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Modifying Outdoor Security Lights for Indoor Protection

Here’s a security idea I’d like to share with my fellow Preppers. I purchased a Solar Powered Motion Detector LED Floodlight not long ago, with the initial intent to use it as a personal security feature around my home, especially for if and when the power is ever compromised. If you use one for this purpose during power outages, be sure to bring it in at night, anchor it well, or keep it well out of reach of those who may be living in the dark, because they may like the idea of relocating your light or even the solar panel, for their home. In fact, while I do like the idea for everyday use right now, in a scenario when power may be out in your neighborhood you have to consider that any time a stray cat or raccoon walked into the path of the motion sensor, the light will probably come on as it’s designed to do. This could draw unwanted attention to an otherwise invisible residence, which until the light came on was just one house among many. That’s something to consider before you install one for this purpose.

Security Lights


The Tweak for Preppers

However, as I was testing this motion sensing flood light out (it works great by the way), I had an epiphany; an idea for an even better use of it during a ‘lights out’ scenario. My security plan is to mount the light inside of the house, pointed at the most likely door or hallway to be broached by an intruder. The solar panel that charges the built in battery is detached from the unit (connected by a cord), so that it can be placed in a window by day to recharge the battery (and the solar panel could possibly be repurposed to charge other devices or for rechargeable flashlight batteries). Should anyone open the door or proceed down the hallway, they will activate the motion sensor and 80 white LED’s will blind them, giving me an ideal opportunity to respond in whatever way I think best to remove the threat that’s invaded my home.


What You’ll Need

You can pick these Solar-Powered-Motion-Sensing-LED-Flood-Lights up on ebay, amazon, or from other sources, with 60 to 80 LED’s, for a cost of anywhere from $30 to $65. But make sure that they’re WHITE LED’s instead of the blue which are not as bright (be sure to read the comments from previous purchasers to ensure that you don’t get a brand that has not performed as advertised). I hope this helps to keep you safer and gives you some ideas ‘outside the box.’


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