Home Improvements That Will Prep You in a Case of Disaster


Disasters happens unexpectedly and every family should be prepared for it. In this article you will learn what home improvements you can make and what must-haves you need to be supplied with, that will prep you in a case of disaster.

After reading it you will know how to equip your home with some small preparations that will ease your life in cases of emergencies.

What to Check First

First you need to check your house and make the necessary improvements in it. Check your electrical systems for faults and live wires which can create dangerous situation in cases of disaster. This work should be done by a qualified electrician. Then check your plumbing system for damaged pipes or for the necessity of installation of new plumbing. Make the needed repairs and installations that you have delayed for a long time. This should be done by a licensed plumber. Next ask a roofing specialist to check your roof for damage, missing slates and the need for repair or re-roofing. Make all these home improvements, hiring the right specialists for every job, so your house will be safe in cases of emergency.

roof rainwater

You can also hire an architect to built an addition structure to shelter your family in case of hurricanes and different survival situations. Install a collecting rainwater system to supply you with clean water, which will be filtered and drinkable. Install solar panel in your home to have an alternative hot water supplying system, when the conventional breaks down. You can also keep and look after a garden with fruits and vegetables to have natural food, produced by yourself. These home improvements will save you and your family when a disaster strikes. They will also make you independent and not having to use the conventional water supplying and electrical systems.

rain water

Convert to a Rain Catch

If your home has some visible damages like leaks, broken windows and non-functioning guttering system, you need to take these issues seriously and fix them before it’s too late. In a case of disaster, your home should be your shelter literally. You should also prepare an emergency kit, which should include all the tools, materials and ingredients you will need to survive. These are sanitation products, the necessary quantity of water, food, medicaments, first aid kit, tools and supplies, clothing and bedding and other special items. The water you will need for each person is one gallon for one day per person.


Ingredients like box of matches, knives, candles, torches and some others can be irreplaceable and very useful in case of disaster. Together with the sanitary items, medications, the first aid kit and water, they are must-haves, which shouldn’t be underestimated.

If you create a rainwater supplying system in your home, have installed solar panels and solar water heater, you will have at least clean, drinkable and hot water, essential for your survival. It can be used for drinking, cleaning and washing. If you grow and look after a garden with fruits and vegetables, you can have constant food supplies, which you will definitely need. Make the necessary home improvements in your house, paying more attention to your plumbing, electrical systems, insulation and roof. The home improvements should be done by professionals plumbers, electricians, roofers and insulation specialists. Keeping a first aid kit, supplies with bottles of water, medications, canned food and a can opener and some other must-haves is essential for surviving in a case of disaster.

Your home and family should be prepared for different disasters: earthquakes, fire, floods, winter storms, power outage, hazardous materials and nuclear power. For each of these emergencies you need to react accordingly in a different way. It is good to have prepared masks for the whole family for protection against gas pollution. You should stay calm and try not to panic when a disaster strikes. This is the most important rule you need to follow, so that you will be able to react accordingly to every type of disaster. When you panic your brain stops working and you won’t be able to react adequately to the disastrous situation.

For every disastrous situation is necessary to be applied different approach. In case of earthquake, for example, you must have steady furniture and ceilings, under which to hide and save yourself from falling objects. In case of fire, a fire extinguisher and water are essential for stopping the fire. If a winter storm had cut your access to electricity, water and gas supplying, having alternative eco-friendly systems like solar panels, collecting rainwater systems can save you and your family. In cases of gas pollution, you need to have masks to filter the air you breathe.


You should also think about protecting your important documents, DVDs and discs from disasters. Buy a suitcase or a box to lock your identity, working and personal documents. They should be stored in a safe and secure place, to be protected from flood, fire and getting lost. It is also good to create a plan for evacuation. Explain your family how they should react in case of fire, earthquake, winter storm, flood, etc. They must know the route for their evacuation well. Repeat the evacuation, playing it on and on until every member of your family learns it.


Start preparing your home for disastrous situations, making the necessary installations and improvements. There are some must-haves, which you need to have stored in your home to save you and your family in a case of disaster. Start preparing early as you don’t know when an emergency situation can appear. Other must-haves, which you need to be supplied with are fire extinguisher, extra batteries, items for personal hygiene: soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper, etc.

Clean your home from all the clutter and unnecessary items, which only take space and aren’t used. After cleaning all rooms and areas in your home, it will look more tidy and you can easily find the emergency kit and items you need. If your home is clean and tidy, you will easier find the necessary items you need when a disaster strikes. Cleaning all the clutter from your rooms will free you space to keep your must-haves and instruments, necessary for your survival.

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