The Story Behind Fish Antibiotics for New Medical Preppers

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Preppers anguish over antibiotics.  They tend to be concerned with their availability after a collapse.  Hopefully this post will dissolve those worries.  Like narcotics, the value of antibiotics is known intrinsically to just about everyone.  Both are just about as valuable in bartering, as in health.  But they can be hard to come by.  Buying them overseas through the internet is easy, but sometimes prohibitively expensive.

Fish Antibiotics – Hot Topics

Fish and bird antibiotics are a hot topic on the internet lately.  People want to know if they’re suitable as a substitute for people.  The potential liability for answering “yes” is obvious.  But that liability works both ways. In past years the best way to get Ciprofloxin, or any other antibiotic, was from your doctor.  They’ll usually prescribe antibiotics and antidiarrheals if you’re traveling overseas, and might get sick.  But only one course of treatment is typically dispensed.  And the bottle they’re in is rarely air sealed.

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Fish antibiotics I’ve seen come in capsules marked with numbers.  Many times the color of the capsule, and the numbers imprinted on it, are identical to the human variety when matched side by side (I’m using the Physicians Desktop Reference {PDR} for the comparison.)  This is where the liability issue works in your favor.

Pretend for a moment that a guy working at a fish store was prescribed Amoxicillin by his doctor, and had it filled at the local Wall-Mart.  Now he’s at work and accidently spills his pills in with the ones he was supposed to give to the fish later that day.  He tries to separate out his, only to find it’s impossible; both are marked the same.  Figuring there must be no difference, he takes one… but then has a reaction.  Who is legally liable?  Everyone.  The pharmaceutical company is liable, so is the dispensing pharmacy.

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It may go without saying, but only take fish antibiotics if human pills are not available!

While this is an unlikely scenario, risk management divisions within large pharmaceutical companies are no joke.  They’re unlikely to have overlooked the possibility something like this could occur, however improbable.  These companies are used to getting blindsided, they do everything possible to avoid it.

If the pet antibiotics are marked exactly as those in the PDR, then personally I believe they are the same.  From the manufacturing plant they must be shipping some to the animal division, and the rest to the human side for packaging and distribution.

Fish and bird antibiotics have the advantage of coming in sealed containers, and likely have longer practical shelf lives than those dispensed from a pharmacy.

As long as society is intact, take people pills.  When it unravels, steal from the fish!

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