Natural Cures for Preppers – Pink Eye and Eye Injuries

Natural Cures for Pink Eye

Natural Cures and Quick Fixes for Eye Problems in Preppers

Eye injuries and infections like pink eye can be as disabling to a prepper as a broken arm or leg.  Debris from disasters often stays suspended in the atmosphere for hours to days.  Recall those images of 9/11 and you’ll see why it’s important to feel comfortable treating eye scratches and infections.  Those of concern to preppers fall into two categories:  pink eye and corneal abrasions.

Treating Eye Injuries


Pink Eye

Pink eye is a catch all label referring to just about any type of eye infection.  Typically it’s caused by a virus, though rarely bacteria can be responsible.  At first the infection feels like a scratch or abrasion, or like it does when you have something in your eye.  Over the next hours to days the white part of the eye, the sclera, becomes reddened and inflamed.  This is known as conjunctivitis, and goopy eyes may follow.  But an infection like pink eye isn’t the only cause of an ocular discharge.  Corneal abrasions can produce the same picture, even if infection isn’t present.

Here are some effective natural cures for pink eye: 


Corneal Abrasions

Corneal abrasions occur when the clear part of the eye, the cornea, sustains a minor scratch but produces major pain and tearing that can limit vision.  Physicians will sometimes stain the eye with a dye called fluorescein.  It comes on a strip that looks like litmus paper and is touched to the sclera. The person then blinks a few times and the dye spreads out over the eye.  If a scratch is present the dye will be taken up by the injured area, and a green line will appear revealing the location and percentage of cornea damaged.  If the dye is not taken up, the doctor assumes the cause of the problem is infection.  While you may have eye patches in your medical kit, the dye won’t likely be available. So the best strategy for preppers is to remember a treatment that will work for both conditions.

Eye Infections

In an ideal world the treatment of either problem might involve anti-inflammatory eye drops; sometimes with antibiotics mixed in.  Eye irrigation to remove foreign debris and irritants should also be considered.  The problem for the prepper is that neither will likely be available.  So patching the eye for a few days is the best that can be done.

Improvising Eye Patches

If you don’t have any eye patches in your kit, just cut a gauze into an oval shape.  Have the person close their eye, then tape or somehow secure the patch in place.  In 24 hours most eye abrasions will heal if covered.  And within two days most viral ocular infections will resolve.

Take home messageIn a disaster situation when you’re not sure of if it’s an infection or an abrasion causing the eye symptoms, treat the person as if they have both.  Wash it out if you can, then patch it for 48 hours.

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