Personal Protective Equipment for Preppers in Ebola Pandemics

Ebola masks

Will you know what to do if Ebola gets loose here? What if we have a major outbreak, or even an all-out epidemic? Do you know how to take care of a sick family member at home?

You might have to if the healthcare system fails. Within a month our hospitals might become overwhelmed and collapse, then we’ll be on our own. In this post we’ll be discussing the masks and footwear you’ll need to take care of a seriously ill person at home. God forbid it comes to that.

University of Nebraska Medical Center Heroes Training Center

The following information is from The University of Nebraska Medical Center Heroes Training Center. This is probably the best source of information we have run across. We strongly encourage you to register at their website. Many of the images we are about to show are courtesy of them. Ebola is not their only concern. At their site you can learn what equipment and procedures you’ll need for dealing with chemical, biological, radiation, and decontamination threats.

In Africa, doctors and nurses are forced to re-use most of their equipment. That’s why you’ll see pictures of them dunking their gloves, boots, goggles, overalls and other equipment in chlorine solution, then drying that equipment in the sun. We’re going to show you both systems of PPE management, American and African. We’ll be starting with that used in North America, and we’ll refer to it as “The American protocol.” Use it when you have unlimited supplies.

PPE in Africa

As for the PPE management used in Africa, we’ll be referring to it as “The Zaire protocol.” In both cases you’ll need all rubber surgical clogs, or all rubber boots. The American protocol uses clogs covered by disposable boot covers. The Zaire protocol uses rubber boots with no covering.

Shoes & Footwear

Surgical Clogs

Masks & Respirators

N95 masks come in many different shapes and sizes

N95 Masks

These are the two most commonly used:

N95 Pandemic MasksZaire PPE
If you’re interested in learning more about pandemics click the book image below.  In our book, we’ve adapted the protocols used in Africa to work for preppers here in America. Our book is short and to the point. It’s about surviving the next American Epidemic!

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