Building an Underground Shelter or Triage for TEOTWAWKI

treatment facility

Guest Post – Australia  Among their many post-service uses, shipping containers make an excellent underground shelter. They are already widely used for temporary housing projects in disaster-stricken areas, after hurricanes, tsunamis and floods. However, if they are modified by preppers accordingly, containers can be dug in and fortified, preparing you for the end of the world as we know it […]

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Making Battery Powered Tools Work When Everything Fails


Recharging Battery Powered Tools and Medical Devices Several hurricanes and brutal storms have demolished American shores in recent years. Each of the disasters followed by exhaustively long power outages; many extending across multiple counties and states. With this in mind, it’s hard to rely solely on electric power, particularly when it comes to the tools and medical devices in your […]

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Improvised Personal Security Products for Preppers

Security Lights

Modifying Outdoor Security Lights for Indoor Protection Here’s a security idea I’d like to share with my fellow Preppers. I purchased a Solar Powered Motion Detector LED Floodlight not long ago, with the initial intent to use it as a personal security feature around my home, especially for if and when the power is ever compromised. If you use one for this purpose […]

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Cattle Mutilations: What Preppers Might Want to Know!


[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]es… this investigation was by request.  And it’s way out there.  But because of our sincere respect for the American Farmer and Rancher, we took the investigation.  Loosing cattle is a financial nightmare for a family farm.  And for many, kids stomping down wheat to make crop circles is no longer amusing – it’s expensive. Our post is tongue and cheek, but […]

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Who Are We?

Welcome To We’re Teaching Life Saving Skills to Preppers Who are we?  We’re a collection of medical educators and clinicians preparing you for the inevitable.  Representing diverse fields from conventional, integrative, and Chinese Medicine; we’ve come together for one purpose – teaching you the medical skills necessary for survival. We’re going to share with you the best of what we’ve […]

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