The Truth Behind Treating Chronic Pain for Preppers

Treating Chronic Pain

The Secret to Treating Chronic Pain When Medications Won’t be Available There’s a medical secret that took me 25 years to flush out. This secret was a hard lesson learned, and goes like this: There is little a physician can do to treat chronic pain without causing as much damage to the person as the disease itself. Powerful opiates kill […]

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Taking Desperate Measures for Treating Severe Depression in Preppers


In this post we’ll discuss how to tell if a person is suffering from clinical depression, or if they’re just sad. Then we’ll review some controversial treatments you need to know about. These are desperate measures for when the reality of the world’s end sinks in. Not only does depression impair your ability to function, but it also effects those […]

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How and Why the Good Die Young from Emotional Stress

emotional stress

How can emotional stress cause chronic illness in Preppers? People have been dancing around this issue for decades, but recent evidence confirms the relationship between good people and bad diseases. So clear is the causal relationship, that a mechanism describing how it works was recently presented at the Science And Non Duality (SAND) conference by Gabor Mate MD. Emotional Stress and Death […]

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Controlling Fear in Preppers by Eliminating Negative Self-Talk


Fear has always been a problem for the military, and until recently they weren’t quite sure what to do about it.  But within the last decade the navy commissioned studies and implemented programs on how to deal with fear. Fear &The Navy Program They’ve decreased their washout rate in the SEAL program by 8% – impressive when you consider it […]

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