Stunning Facts Preppers Need to Know About Leeches in 3 Min

removing leeches

Warning: Some of the images shown were taken at the time of surgery and are graphic. You might want to skip this post if you have a weak stomach. For years it’s been believed leeches do not carry diseases capable of infecting humans. This is slowly changing. While rare, infections and complications do occur. We will discuss which fish antibiotics […]

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Treating Survival Belt Syndrome in Preppers

survival belt syndrome

How Your Survival Belt Might Get on Your Nerves!   Survival belts have become more durable and able to carry more gear over the last decade. But improvements in design come at a price. What was once a rare condition is likely to become more common as preppers accessorize and add weight to belt systems. One consequence of this change […]

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Treating Broken Ribs Safely – Rib Belts & Survival Medicine

rib fractures

Broken ribs are among the most painful injuries preppers face during disasters. But treating them incorrectly can lead to pneumonia and even death. In this post we’ll show you how to use rib belts safely, and how to watch for the other life-threatening complications of rib fractures. Broken Ribs are No Joke!  The crushing sensation of broken ribs can be […]

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Celox & Quickclot – New Ways Preppers are Treating Bleeding

Hemostatic Agents

Major bleeding is urgent problem needing our attention. It’s not something that can wait. Fortunately, powdered hemostatics and improvements in military pressure dressings have made this much easier. The following should be in every prepper’s med kit: Powdered Hemostatics #1 & #2  – Celox & Quickclot   Two easy to use and effective products are Celox and Quickclot 25. Both are […]

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When Can You Skip Sutures and Close a Wound with Superglue?

superglue vs. sutures

What made doctors think they could throw out their sutures, and just superglue wounds back together? In this post we’ll see it was an accidental consequence of WWII. While rarely does something useful emerge from war, in the case of super glue… it did. Our story begins with those airborne cowboys of WWII. You know the ones. Barely out of high school and […]

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Why Some Preppers are Saying “No” to NSAIDs Like Advil

chronic pain

Injuries are an unavoidable part of life. And in survival situations they’re guaranteed to increase in both frequency and severity. But if preppers aren’t careful, their injuries will never heal – and they’ll suffer from severe pain for the rest of their lives. In this post we’ll reveal some astonishing facts about NSAIDs. We’ll show you how and why more […]

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What Preppers Need to Know About Gunshot Wounds in 3 Minutes

gunshot wounds

Gunshot Wounds are easier to understand than you’d think! In this post we’ll show preppers how to quickly gauge the tissue damage handguns, rifles, and shotguns are likely to produce. These broad generalizations might help some select firearms for personal use, but are presented here to help estimate the amount of tissue destruction to expect when someone in your group […]

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Treating Broken Bones in Preppers – SAM Splint Techniques


Broken bones and apocalyptic destruction are as inseparable as preppers and bug-out-bags. So in this, our second post on fracture care (click here to review our first), we’ll be showing you everything you need to know about treating broken bones when medical help is not available. Treating Non-Union Fractures When a bone has been broken and its ends are still […]

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Inflicting & Treating Collarbone Fractures for Preppers

collarbone fractures

In this, the first of two posts on fracture care, we’ll discuss treating collarbone fractures when medical help is not available.  And yes… we’ll also show you how to break them!     Collarbone Fractures & The First Orthopedists As legend goes, Feudal Japan went through several periods of down time, small breaks in what was otherwise 2000 years of […]

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Learn to Repair Lacerations with this Easy Suturing Technique!


Commonly known as “putting in stitches,” repairing wounds by suturing them back together is not complicated. And if you choose to use a straight needle – it’s even simpler. In this post we’ll show you how to repair lacerations the simple and easy way. Best of all, our technique requires almost no equipment and takes only minutes to learn and […]

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Treating Knee and Foot Pain from Heavy INCH Bags on the Move

bug out bag

It’s true that preppers aren’t getting back pain from their packs like they used to. Improved designs have seen to that. But they are getting more and more hip, knee and foot pain.  The good news is that you can treat these conditions quickly, helping to ensure you and your group make it all the way to your bug-out-location in […]

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Treating Foot Blisters & Staying Mobile: There’s Duct Tape!


Antelope everywhere agree – you never want to be the slowest animal in the herd! It never ends well. Never. Foot blisters can quickly turn a prepper into a pokey antelope. And none of us want that! Blisters are a very common when people are forced to travel long distances on foot. This is a situation preppers are likely familiar […]

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Treating Knee & Foot Pain With These Simple Footwear Tweaks

best footwear for knee pain

Sometimes you have to move. Sometimes there’s just no choice. But this isn’t possible with throbbing feet and aching knees. As a prepper you’ll want to know how to treat these conditions. Because statistically speaking, they’re going to happen to at least one person in your group. The good news is it’s easy! The bad news is that if a […]

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