Two Reasons Palcohol is a Brand New Tool for Preppers

Powdered Alcohol

Palcohol for Water Disinfection? Palcohol might be the dumbest use of advanced chemistry seen this century. And it’s sure to open up a brand new avenue on which kids can drive straight into trouble. But Palcohol, as it’s less than cleverly been named, may offer Preppers an advantage over the liquid form. You see, in a way, it might be […]

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Clean Water: Is Bleach or Betadine Better for Disinfection?


Disinfecting water safely can be tricky, but not knowing how to is fatal. In this post we’ll discuss there methods – boiling, Betadine, & bleach for making clean water safely. Three Ways of Disinfecting Water #1 Boiling Water Boiling is the easiest and most time tested technique. But it doesn’t destroy botulism. And botulism can suck! But boiling is often […]

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