Can Urinary Tract Infections Kill? Natural Cures for Preppers

urinary tract infection

In this post we’ll be talking about diagnosing and treating urinary tract infections (UTIs) and the natural cures (along with the conventional medicines) to add to your preps.

Urinary Tract Infections Mostly Affect Women

Men rarely get bladder infections (urinary tract infections), so many of us don’t appreciate how incapacitating they can be.  Cleanliness can be a nightmare proposition during catastrophes.  Add to that the short urethra God issued with the female bladder, and you have the first dark comedy of errors.  A cruel joke of nature predisposing girls and ladies to painful infections.

canberry juice treatment

Treating UTIs with cranberry juice


Urinary tract infections are almost always caused by bacteria.  Microscopic invaders that make their way into the bladder, where they quickly set up housekeeping.  Painful pelvic contractions, frequent urination, and the uncontrollable urge to suddenly go soon follow. These symptoms are sometimes accompanied by an intermittent low-grade fever.  This is disastrous for preppers traveling to their Bug-Out-Locations, because walking long distances quickly becomes impossible.

Why are Preppers Susceptible to UTI’s? 

In normal life you have the ability to urinate as frequently as you’d like.  In concert with adequate hydration, this tends to wash out any bacteria that have made their way into your bladder.  This wasn’t possible for people stuck in the bomb shelters of subterranean London during WWII.  Without adequate water or bathroom facilities, they quickly became dehydrated, and were forced to hold their urine for extended periods of time.  Together, the combination guaranteed someone was going to get sick.  Similar conditions will likely apply to modern preppers at times.  Knowing this helps you anticipate the problem and implement prevention measures.

urinary tract infections

Natural Treatments for UTIs

The best treatment is prevention, so stocking plenty of water in your shelter and refraining from holding your bladder is usually all that’s needed.  Simple steps for sure, but not always possible during an apocalypse when hygiene is its own nightmare.  So preppers must be comfortable diagnosing and treating UTI’s, and know how to check if the infection has spread to the kidneys.


Foul smelling, cloudy, or burning urine, combined with the physical symptoms discussed above, are all that are needed to diagnose the condition.  Treatment should begin as soon as possible.  Otherwise the infection might spread into the kidneys, which is a potentially fatal complication.

Urinary Tract Infections

How do you tell if a bladder infection has spread to the kidneys? 

A kidney infection should be suspected if a person with a UTI develops a fever that’s constant or high-grade.  Often the person will complain of back pain.  At that point you’ll want to check if the infection has extended to their kidneys.  This is done by lightly tapping on the person’s back directly over their lower rib cage.  If they jump and recoil with sharp pain, then the kidneys are infected!  This finding is called costovertebral angle (CVA) tenderness, and strongly suggests the persons kidneys are severely inflamed.

Signs of a Kidney Infection

Pyelonephritis (Kidney Infection) & CVA Tenderness

bladder and kidney infections

Once a Kidney Infection Develops It’s Serious

Switch to Antibiotics Immediately!

Ideally you’ll have a stockpile of people pills, but if not, fish antibiotics equivalent to Bactrim DS (Sulfa), or Ciprofloxin (Cipro), will generally cure the infection (more information on fish antibiotics and how to use them). If you don’t get a response to treatment within the first three days, switch to another antibiotic. The bacteria causing these infections are known to have developed drug resistance to several classes of antibiotics. So if one doesn’t work, you should switch to another. In the event antibiotics aren’t available, force fluids to flush the infection, improve the persons nutrition, and limit activity as much as possible. And remember: prevention, prevention, prevention!

fish antibiotics

Fish Antibiotics for Emergencies!

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