Can Preppers Catch Hepatitis THROUGH Their Protective Gloves?

surgical gloves

Preppers have several types of protective gloves to choose from, but some are deceptively dangerous. In this post we’ll discuss those which protect you, and those you must avoid.

Problems With Some Protective Gloves

Think back to the last people you saw working the drive-thru window at McBurger Barn, or tending the cash register at the neighborhood C-store.  Try to recall what their protective gloves looked like. Most of the time you’ll see them wearing clear vinyl protective gloves, like those shown to the left below.

They’re trying to avoid getting the flu, or the common cold. Both are caused by viruses piggybacking onto paper money and coins. And while their intention is right, their method is wrong.  Because vinyl gloves have pores in them much larger than any virus.  Wearing them is equivalent to trying to avoid machine gun fire, by taking cover behind a chain-link fence – literally.  The math in this analogy is almost precise.

Nitrile Gloves

Vinyl Protective Gloves

Vinyl is preferred by employers for two reasons:  It’s inexpensive, and it avoids exposing their employees to latex – which is capable of triggering severe allergic reactions. But what the employees don’t know, is vinyl does not protect them from viral infections, only some bacterial pathogens.

To protect yourself from viruses you’ll need latex or nitrile gloves.  Color coded either blue or purple, nitrile gloves have small enough pores to block viruses.

Latex Protective Gloves

Latex gloves are usually yellow – but sometimes green – and are also protective.  The drawback is the allergy issue.  Most hospitals disposed of products made from latex years ago.  But latex gloves are still available for Surgeons, and for uses outside the hospital. Sometimes you’ll see police donning them in the background of live newscasts. Latex gloves are generally inexpensive and easy to find.

The Cadillac of the group are the highly coveted surgical gloves. They’re sterile and come wrapped in pairs. Each package has a very specific size, but they’re expensive.  If you’re going to buy these, you must find out what size fits you first.  Seven-and- a-half and 8 are typical sizes for men, 6 ½ to 7 for women.

surgical gloves

Nitrile Protective Gloves (Our Favorite)

Nitrile and non-surgical latex gloves are sold by the box and come in less precise sizes:  small, medium, large, and extra-large.  Though not sterile, they’re worth every inch of space they occupy in your bag.

Latex protective gloves

Take Home MessageVinyl gloves offer a false sense of protection. Surgical gloves are expensive, but come sterile, and fit your hand better than all others. Unfortunately their cost makes them impractical for preppers. Nitrile gloves like those shown above, protect you from HIV and other viruses, and run about $10 for a box of 100. These really should be called “Prepper Gloves” because they meet all of your requirements!  

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