Cattle Mutilations: What Preppers Might Want to Know!


[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]es… this investigation was by request.  And it’s way out there.  But because of our sincere respect for the American Farmer and Rancher, we took the investigation.  Loosing cattle is a financial nightmare for a family farm.  And for many, kids stomping down wheat to make crop circles is no longer amusing – it’s expensive.

Our post is tongue and cheek, but we mean no disrespect.  Our conclusions though are serious.  We present it this way to illustrate a principle of field medicine important for preppers to know.  So please stick with us for this one!

We were asked, “What Should Preppers know About Cattle Mutilation?”

We’re going to share our findings in picture form.

cattle mutilations

cow mutilation







Take Home Message:

Either aliens are piss-poor surgeons, or there is someone in your fields at night! It looks to us like they are removing organs that are commonly dissected in biology and physiology classes.  We checked, and the organs they are taking are not used in Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, or Curanderismo (traditional South American Medicine). So we don’t think they are being used for traditional type medical cures. Why they would be bypassing the slaughter houses – which seems like it would be a lot easier – we don’t know.

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