Bedbug Pandemic: A Serious Threat to Preppers?

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We all like to believe that our homes are our private havens and that nobody can violate the tranquility and privacy that we are supposed to have there. That’s why people invest thousands of dollars in home security systems. The unique feeling that we have only in our home is priceless and every private property is therefore protected by law. And yet, there are minute beings that can conduct raids at every single part of your house without being noticed; they are bedbugs and they pose the most serious threat to our privacy and comfort. But how harmful can they really be?


Transparent but Bloodthirsty

Dealing with bed bugs

Bedbugs are basically small, round organisms that use blood to thrive and breed. The most delicate characteristic of these insects is their transparency. They are tiny, almost see-through organisms (especially the bedbug youngsters) that can be barely seen when they are still hungry. But as they start biting and feeding on our blood, they also start growing and their color varies in several shades of brown. In addition, they also become pretty fat.

Although humans are not their primary targets if there is another warm-blooded prey in the vicinity, in urban areas we are highest on their to-bite list. So, it is a fact that our living habits created by overpopulation of cities help bedbugs stay and live with us. They are blood-eaters by their nature and if we exterminate all other sources of their food, they will come after us.


Fast Spread

Over the last few years, bedbugs have become real household names throughout the US and Canada. But they do not only aim at North America. A significant rise of the number of these organisms has been noted in Scandinavia, as well. There is not a single explanation about their sudden rise and spread in different areas of the world.

Rivid Bug Bite

One of the most widely accepted opinions is that the increase of the number of people living in cities has given bedbugs an additional breeding incentive. We populate blocks of buildings in which living spaces are as much squeezed as possible, so the bugs can pretty freely roam from place to place and from one bed to another.


How to Debug Your Place

Once you notice your place has become richer for bedbugs, you should call an insect-elimination service. You can tell that bedbugs have moved into your home by black spots on your mattress or the sheets with which you cover it.

more bed bug bites

Also, there has been a change in the way bedbugs are treated. Instead of extremely dangerous DDT, today people opt for choosing earth-friendly pets control supplies, which do not harm the environment and still provide help in removing those critters from your life.


Are They Lethal?

These parasites might be a nuisance and knowing that you have them in your bed can be disturbing, but they are actually not too dangerous. Luckily, they are not even transmitters of any diseases that pose serious risk to people. Allergic reactions and skin rashes are two most frequent health-related outcomes that having these bugs as your bedroom tenants might yield. Also, they can cause panic attacks, because people simply cannot control their reactions when they realize that those insects live happily with them in their beds, sofas and other parts of their homes.

However, a study has been conducted which has proven that bedbugs can transmit the lethal Chagas disease to mice. But there have been no proofs that they can pose such risk for humans and medical experts haven’t established a link between any epidemic lethal for people and these insects.

The conditions in which we live today are much different than those thirty of forty years ago. Although many insect species have become extinct or have just left cities, bedbugs seem to be pretty accustomed even to those new conditions. To destroy them you have to arm yourself with patience and even get ready to throw away books or pieces of furniture, because this is where they like to dwell. But in the end, if you manage to get rid of them, you will have a clean place and a peace of mind.


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