Top Three Reasons Every Prepper Needs a Cautery Pen!

Battery powered cautery pens are handy $10 to $20 devices that you should consider getting for your medical kit. The most inexpensive places to find these are fishing and sporting goods stores. Where apparently they’re used for fly tying and other hobbies. The closest thing a prepper has to Captain Kirk’s phaser, many people don’t know about their many potential […]

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Preventing and Treating Snow Blindness With Duct Tape?

snow blindness

Duct tape has endless uses, one of which is the prevention of a particular type of blindness… snow blindness.  It’s much like a sunburn of the eye.  Usually not noticed until several hours afterword, it occurs from exposure to sunlight that’s been reflected off ice, snow, or less commonly sand and sea.  Fresh snow reflects about 80% of the sun’s […]

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Cattle Mutilations: What Preppers Might Want to Know!


[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]es… this investigation was by request.  And it’s way out there.  But because of our sincere respect for the American Farmer and Rancher, we took the investigation.  Loosing cattle is a financial nightmare for a family farm.  And for many, kids stomping down wheat to make crop circles is no longer amusing – it’s expensive. Our post is tongue and cheek, but […]

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Learn to Repair Lacerations with this Easy Suturing Technique!


Commonly known as “putting in stitches,” repairing wounds by suturing them back together is not complicated. And if you choose to use a straight needle – it’s even simpler. In this post we’ll show you how to repair lacerations the simple and easy way. Best of all, our technique requires almost no equipment and takes only minutes to learn and […]

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Treating Knee and Foot Pain from Heavy INCH Bags on the Move

bug out bag

It’s true that preppers aren’t getting back pain from their packs like they used to. Improved designs have seen to that. But they are getting more and more hip, knee and foot pain.  The good news is that you can treat these conditions quickly, helping to ensure you and your group make it all the way to your bug-out-location in […]

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Treating Foot Blisters & Staying Mobile: There’s Duct Tape!


Antelope everywhere agree – you never want to be the slowest animal in the herd! It never ends well. Never. Foot blisters can quickly turn a prepper into a pokey antelope. And none of us want that! Blisters are a very common when people are forced to travel long distances on foot. This is a situation preppers are likely familiar […]

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Treating Knee & Foot Pain With These Simple Footwear Tweaks

best footwear for knee pain

Sometimes you have to move. Sometimes there’s just no choice. But this isn’t possible with throbbing feet and aching knees. As a prepper you’ll want to know how to treat these conditions. Because statistically speaking, they’re going to happen to at least one person in your group. The good news is it’s easy! The bad news is that if a […]

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