Can Eating Worms Help Treat Allergies & Autoimmune Diseases?

Hookworms for autoimmune disease

First it sounds crazy… then it sounds gross. But there might be a legitimate rational for infecting yourself with a parasite. In fact, if you already have an autoimmune disease, you might not want to wait until the world implodes to take one! The Hygiene Hypothesis – One of the Craziest and Heretical Theories in Medicine 1989 saw one of the […]

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The Truth Behind Treating Chronic Pain for Preppers

Treating Chronic Pain

The Secret to Treating Chronic Pain When Medications Won’t be Available There’s a medical secret that took me 25 years to flush out. This secret was a hard lesson learned, and goes like this: There is little a physician can do to treat chronic pain without causing as much damage to the person as the disease itself. Powerful opiates kill […]

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The Story Behind Fish Antibiotics for New Medical Preppers

cure a rash

Preppers anguish over antibiotics.  They tend to be concerned with their availability after a collapse.  Hopefully this post will dissolve those worries.  Like narcotics, the value of antibiotics is known intrinsically to just about everyone.  Both are just about as valuable in bartering, as in health.  But they can be hard to come by.  Buying them overseas through the internet […]

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Treating Survival Belt Syndrome in Preppers

survival belt syndrome

How Your Survival Belt Might Get on Your Nerves!   Survival belts have become more durable and able to carry more gear over the last decade. But improvements in design come at a price. What was once a rare condition is likely to become more common as preppers accessorize and add weight to belt systems. One consequence of this change […]

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Three Dollars to Building a Suturing Capable First Aid Kit

Straight Needle Suture

Three Dollars Will Cover Your First Aid Kit Suturing Needs Suturing wounds closed is one of the easiest and rewarding skills a prepper can learn, and for $3 a person, it’s an inexpensive way to dramatically increase the functional capacity of your first aid kit. It’s time well spent, and adds another valuable contribution you bring to your group.  Practice […]

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Prepping for Pediatric Problems: When “It’s Not a Tumor”

OSD is Painful

Are All Bony Growths Cancers? And… What is Osgood Schlatter Disease? Sometimes we forget to include the kids in our medical preps. We also forget kids are not just small adults, at least not when viewed from a medical perspective. They have their own medical problems adults don’t experience. One of those problems involves the sudden appearance of a bony […]

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Six Tips to Preparing for Random Medical Emergencies

Random Behavior

Random Medical Emergencies are Commonplace!   As a surgeon working with people with cancer, I hear certain themes frequently I’d rather forget. Stuff I try and tuck away in the back of my mind far from sight. Among the most disturbing is the common reflection: “Doc, whatever it is that finally get’s you… you’ll never see it coming.” If you’re […]

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Five Secrets Preppers Must Know About Fish Antibiotics

Vermox for Pinworms

5 Critically Important Secrets Preppers Must Know About Fish Antibiotics  Preppers generally limit themselves to the popular five fish antibiotics. The problem is two of them are almost useless in many parts of America because of antibiotic resistance, and the others only cover half your needs. Find out what you’ll really want now! The Popular Five Fish Antibiotics Are Only Half […]

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Treating Lightning Strikes in Preppers – It’s Bizarre!

Treating Lightning Strikes

Treating Lightning Strikes in Two Minutes Lightning strikes can create huge problems while bugging-out.  In this post we’ll be discussing how to treat those who’ve been hit…and it’s easier than you think!  Did you know that there’s always a lightning storm, 24 hours a day, occurring somewhere on the planet? Or that lightening does strike twice, even three times in the […]

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Natural Cures for Preppers – Pink Eye and Eye Injuries

Natural Cures for Pink Eye

Natural Cures and Quick Fixes for Eye Problems in Preppers Eye injuries and infections like pink eye can be as disabling to a prepper as a broken arm or leg.  Debris from disasters often stays suspended in the atmosphere for hours to days.  Recall those images of 9/11 and you’ll see why it’s important to feel comfortable treating eye scratches […]

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Treating Broken Ribs Safely – Rib Belts & Survival Medicine

rib fractures

Broken ribs are among the most painful injuries preppers face during disasters. But treating them incorrectly can lead to pneumonia and even death. In this post we’ll show you how to use rib belts safely, and how to watch for the other life-threatening complications of rib fractures. Broken Ribs are No Joke!  The crushing sensation of broken ribs can be […]

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Without an Operation Will a Prepper Survive Appendicitis?

abdominal pain

Without an Operation, will you Survive?  It’s an important question for preppers.  They know surgeons are going to be hard to find during prolonged disasters.  So can a person survive appendicitis without an operation? The problem treating appendicitis confronted a lone surgeon stationed at a remote outpost in the South Pole years ago.  He’d come down with the disease and […]

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Top Five Reasons Scombroid Fish Poisoning Will Kill the Unprepared


It’s an illness with potentially lethal consequences – so preppers need to see it coming. Scombroid Fish Poisoning occurs when a fresh catch isn’t kept below 68 degrees Fahrenheit, often due to a lack of ice. Here are five reasons you can bank on it becoming a whale of a problem: #1 Scombroid Fish are Common  The Scombridae family of fish includes […]

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Two Reasons Palcohol is a Brand New Tool for Preppers

Powdered Alcohol

Palcohol for Water Disinfection? Palcohol might be the dumbest use of advanced chemistry seen this century. And it’s sure to open up a brand new avenue on which kids can drive straight into trouble. But Palcohol, as it’s less than cleverly been named, may offer Preppers an advantage over the liquid form. You see, in a way, it might be […]

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Celox & Quickclot – New Ways Preppers are Treating Bleeding

Hemostatic Agents

Major bleeding is urgent problem needing our attention. It’s not something that can wait. Fortunately, powdered hemostatics and improvements in military pressure dressings have made this much easier. The following should be in every prepper’s med kit: Powdered Hemostatics #1 & #2  – Celox & Quickclot   Two easy to use and effective products are Celox and Quickclot 25. Both are […]

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Treating a Wound but Super Glue Won’t Work? Use a Skin Stapler!

surgical staplers

Skin Staplers Offer a Quick and Easy Alternative to Sutures & Superglue Our superglue instead of stitches post showed you when and when you can’t repair a cut with super glue. For instance, at times glue might get inside the wound and prohibit it from healing. In others, the edges of the laceration might have too much tension on them […]

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When Can You Skip Sutures and Close a Wound with Superglue?

superglue vs. sutures

What made doctors think they could throw out their sutures, and just superglue wounds back together? In this post we’ll see it was an accidental consequence of WWII. While rarely does something useful emerge from war, in the case of super glue… it did. Our story begins with those airborne cowboys of WWII. You know the ones. Barely out of high school and […]

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Treating E. coli Symptoms in Preppers – Dos and Don’ts

E. coli

It’s going to be that time of year again soon; one that seems a frequent multistate event nowadays. Known as an E. coli outbreak, the season will begin with Heath Department issuing the obligatory boil notices, while it races to identify the offending cucumber, clover sprout, or cow that started it all. Of course this is nothing compared with what […]

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15 Minute Easy-to-Use Test for Ebola Cleared by WHO

Ebola Test

The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved the first rapid test for Ebola virus disease today.  “The ReEBOV Antigen Rapid Test Kit (Corgenix Medical Corp) was evaluated under the WHO’s Emergency Assessment and Use, a procedure established to provide minimum quality, safety, and performance assurance for diagnostic products in the context of the Ebola emergency, the WHO explains in a news […]

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